ok but am i missing something or is the last of the mohicans about a white dude who was brought up as a mohican? what is wrong with daniel day-lewis being cast as nathaniel?

when it’s too much even for your own standards

funny thing happened to me in my religion in public life class today. we were discussing Talal Asad and bunch of other theorists he uses in his writings, Foucault among them. 

the lecturer talks about the pastoral power concept. one of the students asks if there are other, non-religious examples of it that we could find in the society. another student mentions political correctness, how it’s a subtle non-legislative way to make people act certain way.

me: is it subtle tho?

class: confused

lecturer: could you elaborate?

me: it’s just i think nowadays people are quite openly adamant about it, you could even say forceful. which is a good thing, but i would not call it subtle.

lecturer: ok then, could you give an example?

me: *panic* *don’t say tumblr* do you guys remember James Arthur?


mr. lovenstein


Do you have a shorter name?

Every time I watch the movie (which is probably way too much), I swoon a bit when Bruce Willis says, “LeeLoo” like it’s the most beautiful name he’s ever heard.

'Cause oh they gave me such a fright
But I will hold on with all of my might
Just promise we’ll be alright



hearing people chew is seriously the worst sound in the world

you clearly never heard people poop, dude